Parish & Ward Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate


The Annual Vestry Meeting and Parochial Church Meeting will take place on Wednesday 24 April at 1.00pm. Please note that this year the meetings will be held in the Church rather than in the Hall—the Rector and Churchwardens very much hope that as many as possible of our regular ‘family’ will wish to hear reports both of what has been happening during the past year at St Botolph’s and also of our future projects, so please make every effort to attend.
There will be a short said service of Holy Communion at 12.30, following which refreshments will be available before the meetings.
At the Vestry Meeting we appoint our Churchwardens for the forthcoming year. Residents of the parish on the electoral register are eligible to attend this meeting in addition to members of the congregation. Candidates for the post of Churchwarden must be over 21, on the new Electoral Roll, and actual communicant members of the Church of England. Nominations must be proposed and seconded, and candidates must indicate their willingness to stand.
This will be followed by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, at which we elect members of our Parochial Church Council (PCC) and appoint Sidesmen, and receive from the Parochial Church Council the Accounts and Annual Reports. Candidates for election to the PCC must be on the new Electoral Roll and have been on the old Electoral Roll for at least six months, and be actual communicant members of the Church of England.
There are also brief meetings of the Parochial Church Council immediately before and after these two meetings.
Mhairi Ellis, PCC Secretary