Parish & Ward Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate

Rector preaches and teaches in Berlin and Potsdam

The Rector of St Botolph's today, Monday 23rd March 2015, returned from a
short preaching and teaching tour of Berlin and Potsdam. He was the guest
of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtnis Kirche, one of the great churches of
Berlin in partnership with St Botolph's and St Vedast's.

An informative and intensive immersion programme had been organised for him
by Pfarrerin Dr Cornelia Kulawik, the Rector of the KWGK. He gave a seminar
on 'Evangelisation in the City', he preached on the Sunday morning at the
Kaiser Wilhelm Church, and also was guest preacher at the Day of Potsdam
Commemoration in the Garrison Church in Potsdam on the Saturday evening.
The Garrison Church was a significant site of Hitler's rise to power in
1933 and was destroyed completely in the time of the GDR but there are now
passionate discussions around the issue of its rebuilding. The Day of
Potsdam commemoration was attended by the Oberburgermeister von Potsdam,
Herr Jan Jakobs, and a number of other prominent civic leaders and

It was a delight to see again many Church contacts in Berlin and to make a
series of new Church friends. Albeit with very halting German, he assisted
with seven liturgies in total!