Parish & Ward Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate

All Saints and All Souls

Such is the oddness of a City of London Church that sometimes the calendar obliges us to observe important Christian Feasts at unusual times. This year we will keep All Saints Day on Wednesday 4th November at 1.10pm, and All Souls Day on Thursday 5th November at 1.10pm. There will be wonderful music at both services. On All Souls'Day (Thursday 5th) you are welcome to come to the service and to light a candle in memory of anyone dear to you who has died and gone to meet their Maker. The celebrant will read out a list of names at the service and then their loved ones present come up to light a candle – you will find it a very special short act of remembering. There will be a book in church from next Wednesday 28 October for those who wish attend the service to print names of loved ones to be read out (or email ).