Parish & Ward Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate

Exhibition of Icons to 27 January

St Botolph's is delighted to be hosting from now until 27 January a selling exhibition of icons and contemporary mosaics by the talented artist Ivan Djidjev.
The artist says: 'The creation of icons has been considered a sacred profession throughout history. To portray a Byzantine work effectively requires a combination of theological understanding, research and creative imagination.' One of his most important commissions has been to create a gold leaf icon of St Benedict which was given to Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the UK in 2010 - it is now in the Vatican's art collection. About his mosaic works he adds: 'In the mosaics you can find two of the most ancient European languages, Glagolithic and Latin. I choose to use letters as a key element in my works because in them is hidden great science.'
The link below will take you to Ivan's website where there are some photos of some of the works on display - but come and see for yourself these wonderful works of art which already look very much at home in St Botolph's! The artworks can be viewed during the church's normal opening hours every weekday 7.00am to 5.30pm.