Parish & Ward Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate

Electoral Roll Renewal LAST CHANCE

This year, 2019, sees the preparation of new church Electoral Rolls. This means that our Electoral Roll for St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate starts from scratch again - everyone on the Roll comes off and must re-apply. This takes place only once in every six years, and it is also a good time for people who are not on the Roll to join.
If you cannot attend our services regularly, it is still important for a City Church like ours to maintain and build a church-family comprising those who wish to support our ministry and hold us in their prayers, as we do them. If you are already on the Electoral Roll of your Sunday church, you can still be on the Roll of St Botolph’s.
We do hope you will join or re-join our new Roll. To do so, please complete the form below and return it to the church office in person, by post, or by scanning it and returning it by email to by Wednesday 20 March. Thank you in advance for your support.
Fr David Armstrong, Parish Priest
Mhairi Ellis, Electoral Roll Officer