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Hall & Court Hire

The Hall

The Hall is available to hire for a wide variety of private or commercial functions. In 2010 the Lower Hall, kitchen, toilets, and Upper Hall were redecorated, and step free access was added to the Upper and Lower Hall, also a Disabled Toilet was added . The interior is panelled with oak, acquired from a dismantled stately home in Northamptonshire and dating from 1726. It is particularly suitable for Livery Company dinners and meetings.

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The Tennis and Netball Court is open all year. The period October to May is for netball bookings only and May to October for tennis and netball. The court is available between 8 am and 9 pm Monday to Friday with sessions of 1 hour duration. Between 12 noon and 2 pm each session is of half an hour starting on the hour and half past the hour. Casual or one-off bookings can be made up to three weeks in advance with payment due one week in advance. Block bookings of at least 10 weeks are also accepted. These must be for the same time and day each week with payment in full made in advance. A fully refundable deposit of £30 is charged for a set of keys for all block bookings.

The court is now available to book for Netball from January to June 2019

The new season for Netball started on the 1st January 2019 if you would like to make a block booking for this season please fill in the booking form below with your preferred slot and email in to . If you are looking to book for a one off netball session you can book up to 3 weeks in advance please ask about availability.

If you would like to make a casual Tennis booking (one off booking) please contact the office for availability.

Once you have made a booking you will need to arrange suitable time to come and pay and to collect a set of keys from the Church office.
These keys will give you access to the court and to the hut where forms can be found that need to be completed before each session.

Before every session the person who is responsible for the hirer who has made the booking, must undertake a visual inspection of the court and complete a check-list. This is very important and must be put in the post box of the Church (in the black door on Bishopsgate) at the end of each booking.
It is also very important that all players wear appropriate footwear and this must be inspected before each game.

Both these points are a stipulation of the Insurance taken out by the Corporation there will be a case of '3 strikes and you're out' if forms are not returned:

1. First missed form: a written warning
2. Second missed form: the next session booked is cancelled for a block booking or a penalty charge equivalent to one session is charged for a casual booking.
3. Third missed form: all remaining bookings are cancelled for a block booking or no further bookings are allowed for a casual booking.

It is the duty of all players to ensure that it is safe to play (it must be remembered that just because it is safe to play at the beginning of the session a change in the weather could mean that it was no longer safe to play.)

If there are concerns that the court is not safe for use YOU MUST NOT PLAY and this must be reported as soon as possible.

Every team that uses the court (block or casual) need to sign the terms and conditions below:

If you would like to make a hall or court booking, or would like further information, then please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact the Verger and Court Manager, Paul Gibson, who will be glad to assist you:

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