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Wards and the City

Wards In The City of London

The City of London is divided into 25 wards each of which are represented by a number of Members. Allocation of Members is determined by the size of the electorate and comprises one Alderman, with the remaining allocation made up by Common Councilmen.

The Court of Common Council is the ‘town council’ of the City of London. Its work includes both the work of an ordinary local authority council and that arising from its historical status and tradition. It works through committees, like any other local authority, but it is unique in that it is non-party political.

Since 1384, Common Council has been elected by the wards of the City. Elections are held every four years in March when all the seats are up for re-election. Each of the wards returns between two and ten members, depending on the size of the electorate. Candidates, men or women, must be freemen of the City and on the electoral roll of the City of London. Common Council members are also known as Commoners.

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Ward Clubs

All wards in the City also have a ward club, originally formed as ratepayers associations. Members of the ward clubs offer support to the Alderman of the Ward, the Deputy and Common Councilmen in carrying out their duties on behalf of the City of London and, in particular, the ward itself. Most clubs hold annual banquets, meetings and dinners for members, as well as charitable contributions. More specific details are available from each club, including information on membership.

Bishopsgate Ward Club

Founded in 1790, the Bishopsgate Ward Club was originally a forum for the merchants, traders and other interested parties of the Ward to express their views to the Alderman and Common Councilmen, linking them to the governance of the City. In modern times the Ward Club has become a social organisation, promoting community service, good fellowship and interest in the traditions and institutions of the City.

Bishopsgate Ward News keeps the ward up to date with the latest news and developments, and focuses on events and changes within the ward, and among current topics is the impact Crossrail will have on local city businesses including matters of access, noise and dust pollution, during the excavation phase.

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