Easter Message From Fr David

Easter seems to have an extra poignancy this year.  As we welcome the risen Christ, we too are welcoming a new life for us all as we gently come out of Lockdown.  Added to the Easter joy is the sense of hope, a sense which has been in short supply since early 2020.  I pray that with the roll out of the vaccinations’ programme and the lifting of restrictive guidelines we will see the return of people working in the City, and hopefully the return of many of our regular congregation whom we have missed over the past year.

Things may not, nor should not return precisely to how they were before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.  It will have changed each of us in different ways.  Many will be grieving, many will have experiences all manners of loss.  For many others, the future may now look uncertain.  It is a time when we should embrace the new sense of community many of us have felt at times over the past year.  Strengthened by the Easter message, we should share the Easter joy with our neighbours and friends.  As with early Christians we must endeavour to build community, a community which is supportive and comforting.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and a safe lifting of Lockdown.

Fr David

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