Tennis Court Reopening

As the Church is now reopening we are now able to also reopen the Court for tennis only during the same staffed times. Monday to Friday 12noon – 3pm only at the moment.

The court will be opened by the caretaker and the net will be up ready.
The gate and the net mechanism will be cleaned each morning but please do bring your own hand sanitiser to use as well.
The hut will not be accessible and please do not enter the court until the previous players have left.
Bookings will be 50mins long to make sure the court is vacated before the next players arrive and will start at 12noon, 1pm, and 2pm the cost for each booking will be a special rate of £15.

The Court can be booked by emailing [email protected]
Payment must be cash(exact amount no change will be available) in an envelope marked with your name and the date and time of the booking and must be left with a member of staff in the Church before entering the court.

If you are unable to play please let us know failure to do this will result in bookings not being accepted in the future.

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