A new addition to the Churchyard

The Churchyard has been home for a number of pieces of art over the years as part of the Corporation of London’s “Sculpture in the City” project.
The Current piece Muamba Grove 0Hue#1 & #2 by Venessa da Silva was erected in June and will be in place for 12 months.

The artist has written the following description

Muamba Grove 0Hue#1 & #2 are part of a series of 6 large scale sculptures made of steel, fibreglass, resin and UV paint, the series were produced in 2019 for the launch of the Duarte Sequeira Gallery Sculpture Park.
Please note the application is for the installation of 2 of Muamba Grove sculptures to be installed next to each other on site. Taking into consideration the intersection between the human body, nature and transmutation, my Muamba Grove series explores the relationship between object and body, body and nature, that in turn unfolds an extended narrative between object and viewer. Through the exchange that occurs between the sculptures and human bodies, I continue my ongoing investigation on themes of movement of cultures, transformation and ‘becoming other’. I identify each of the sculptures as ‘unrooted bodies’, genderless, neither human nor part of nature. The Muamba Grove sculptures are hybrids that are in a constant state of flux, metamorphosing into something still unknown.
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